Siwash Rock, Stanley Park

Siwash Rock is one of the more interesting sites along the trail that encircles Stanley Park. It was created by volcanic activity millions of years ago, when magma was forced upwards. Over time, the surrounding rock weathered away leaving this unique stack. Many stop to marvel at the tree growing at the top of the rock in what is a most unlikely spot for such a plant to take root. The Kitsilano peninsula is in the background.

There is something special about the air down by the water. When you walk or ride your bike along the seawall and make the turn under the Lions Gate bridge heading west, if you are fortunate enough to do so with the incoming tide and a breeze on your face, then you get the full aroma of good clean ocean air with salt and mussels and seaweed in the wind.


  1. Great sketch. I love the notes at the bottom too.

  2. Thanks, Maureen. I was riding my bike and I just had to stop that day and sketch the spot. It's very nice, especially on a summer afternoon when the sun is on your face.